Tips For Moving Your Business

Whether you are relocating your business, expanding, or downsizing, you will always want to make sure that you get the move right when setting up a new office. Moving your business will always be an enormous undertaking, and it will inevitably bring disruption. Still, the key is to minimize this disruption and make sure that you get set up as quickly as possible to get back to business. With this in mind, read on for a few tips for moving and setting up a new office that should come in useful.

Start Planning As Far In Advance As Possible

The most crucial step is to start planning the move as far in advance as possible. Many logistics need to be worked out, but when you can start planning well in advance. This gives you the chance to determine the best approach to minimize disruption and ensure that the move is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Let Stakeholders Know

No matter what, a move will disrupt the business. Therefore, it is best to let stakeholders know, including clients, customers, suppliers, affiliates, and anyone else attached to the company. You need to let them know when the move is taking place, your new contact details, and what products and services will be available to them during the move.

Keep The Operation Going As Best You Can

Following this point, you should also try to minimize disruption by keeping the operation going as best you can. While you may not be able to provide full service, you should be able to keep the business going during the move with staff working remotely. It is helpful if as much of the move is completed as possible out-of-office hours, but keep in mind that you are asking a lot of staff to help out in their free time. So there may only be some bits that you can do out of office.

Use IT Support Services

It is good to address IT first when setting up a new business, as this is the nerve center of any business. It is worth using IT support services and finding a company with plenty of experience, such as XBASE Technologies. Companies like this will help you get set up in the best possible manner. Likewise, monitor your system so that issues can be dealt with before they result in downtime. Having this in place will give you peace of mind so that you can focus on the other aspects of getting the new office set up.

Use An Experienced Moving Company

For moving your office furniture and equipment, you should always use an experienced moving company. Much like moving your home, you need to rest assured knowing that your move is in good hands and professionals will take care of the entire moving process. This should give you the time to focus on other important aspects of the move.

Take The Time To Enjoy The New Office

One important — yet often overlooked — tip for moving your business is to take the time to enjoy your new office. Moving is a major process, and you will want to start this new chapter in the business’s life with some positive memories.

So before getting back to work, it is worth having an office party or something similar. This would allow people to enjoy their new surroundings and get used to the area. Keep in mind that people spend an enormous amount of their life in the office. Meaning, it is essential that it be a place where they feel happy, confident, and settled. It doesn’t need to be a fancy party or involve too many expenditures. It could simply be a get-together for a few drinks, with a bit of music. Allowing staff to become familiar with the layout of the office and the environment in general. You could even take all staff on an office tour when they arrive.

Expect Some Teething Issues

Following this point, you also need to expect a few teething issues when you move to a new business. Some common issues can crop up. Such as, people sending mail to the old office address, staff arriving late because they got lost or are unfamiliar with traffic flow. Likewise, dips in productivity while everyone gets settled. Give it some time and address issues as quickly as possible. Then, you and your team will back up to speed and working to their full potential.

Moving your business will always be a stressful process that will cause disruption. However, these tips should help to reduce stress and minimize disruption. Then, you can quickly get set up and settled in your new location.

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